Success Fee Agreement

Client agrees to pay New Corporate Xpress the following fees (collectively, the “Fees”):


Credit Approval Fee: The client agrees to a Credit Approval Fee. This Fee is ten points (10%) of the total approved credit limits that are obtained. This Fee is ONLY due after New Corporate Xpress has verified the total approval credit limits of such Account(s) resulting in Client credit lines.


Competition of Credit Applications. The Credit Approval Fee is not contingent on the Client’s need or lack thereof for financing and, as such, the Client may not cancel, withdraw, intentionally cause to be denied, or fail to follow through on a credit application in a timely matter, unless New Corporate Xpress authorizes such action in writing to do so.


If the Client does not provide New Corporate Xpress with an approval or denial letter from the lender within 14 days of each credit application’s submission date (as evidenced by the e-mail sent disclosing the lender’s name, contact information, and instructing the Client what to do) New Corporate Xpress will consider client’s choice of not providing such approval or denial letter to be client’s personal certification and final confirmation that such credit application was approved and funded for the full requested amount. This amount shall be calculated into the total credit obtained and if the minimum guaranteed total credit limit is achieved, the Credit Approval Fee will be considered fully earned, be billed according to the terms in this agreement, and will be non-refundable.