Power Aged Corp Legal Disclosures

These disclosures supersede any verbal agreements and/or representations.

Client results rely upon different components beyond our ability to do anything that isn’t guaranteed.

The purchase of a Power Aged Corp facilitates the achievement of corporate credit and financing but does not guarantee it.

Any assistance provided with business financing is an independent service not included with the Power Aged Corp Packages.

Foreign Registration

Foreign registration is recommended in most cases but is not included in the price of the Power Aged Corp Package.

If the corporate entity being purchased is not from the same state that customer lives in, then customer should register their business as a foreign qualification in the state the customer lives.

Virtual office solutions are not recommended but can be used if better options are not available. Customer’s home address is typically the best address to use for the foreign registration.

The fee for filing the foreign registration varies greatly from state to state. Customer will know once invoice is sent. Time frame for completion of the foreign registration varies and can be anywhere from 1 day to several weeks, depending on the state and the current workload of the Secretary of State.

Foreign entity registration is always required in order to open bank accounts and obtain financing in your home state when your home state is not the same state as the incorporation state of the corporate entity.

Refund Policy

All sales are considered final and non-refundable. There are no cash refunds.

When you purchase a Power Aged Corporation from us, you are purchasing a Corporate Entity that has been incorporated in the past, that is clean of liabilities, and that is current with all Annual Report Fillings with the Secretary of State in its State of Incorporation.

This is what we guarantee to you when you make your purchase and, for this reason, Power Aged Corp Sales are considered Final and Non-Refundable.

The only situations when you would be eligible for a replacement or store credit would be if:

  1. Power Aged Corp has existing Liabilities not disclosed to you: In this case, you agree to provide us with proof of such liabilities and allow us up to 14 Calendar Days to resolve any issues and clear such liabilities. If after 14 Calendar Days the liabilities are not cleared, you may request to exchange the Power Aged Corp for another one that meets your criteria or you may request store credit in the value of your Purchase Price.
  2. Power Aged Corp’s Incorporation Date is different and significantly younger than the Incorporation Date disclosed to you: In this case, you may request to exchange the Power Aged Corp for another one that meets your criteria, or you may request store credit in the value of your Purchase Price.

Power Aged Corp’s name, websites, and Logos, are sold as is.  If you would like to make alterations to the Logo, Website Design, and/or Website Text, we can provide this as an additional service at an additional cost to be negotiated.

Delivery Time Frame

Your Corporate Articles will be sent to you via Email within 24 Hours after your application is submitted. The Secretary of State transfer/update times vary from state to state, averaging approximately 5 days after your application is submitted.

This Turn-Around time is an ESTIMATE, and is cannot be 100% guaranteed.

Business Credit (80 Paydex Score)


We can achieve an 80 Paydex Score or higher within 45 to 60 Days, assuming you follow our instructions in a timely manner. We do everything possible on your behalf to minimize your involvement in the process.

You can go for Funding either before or after the 80 Paydex Program is complete. However, beware that some of the Lenders you apply with may deny your applications specifically due to not having an 80 Paydex Score.

For this reason, we always recommend that our clients obtain the 80 Paydex Score before going to Funding, so that Funding Results can be maximized.

The 45-to-60-day time frame is counted from the day the corporation setup process is 100% complete, including the foreign registration in your home state.

The Get Business Credit Success Package does not include the cost of purchasing small-value items from the reporting vendors. Expect to spend a total of approximately $250 with vendors.