Customized Corporate Kit

Never Judge a book by its cover

This binder comes customized with the company name stamped in gold on the spine of the binder to add a real impressive look for your company. This turned-edge product is very durable and will not crack or split, like some of the other Vinyl corporate kits you may see around.


It comes complete with a customized turned edge binder (leatherette grain look), matching slipcase, 20 customized stock/membership certificates, a pocket embossing seal that can be used as a desk seal(new) and pouch, 6/7 index divider tabs(depends on the type of formation), a stock/membership ledger, and printed minutes & bylaws or operating agreement.


It is available in multiple colors, including Black, Burgundy, Blue, Green, or Black and Burgundy.

Customized Your Corporate Kit

***Please make sure all the information you provide is accurate and exactly how you want it to appear on the binder, certificates, and seal.***

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Customized Corporate/LLC Kit Includes

  • durable, imitation leather grain
  • turned-edge binder with matching slipcase
  • Company name stamped in gold on the spine of the binder
  • inside pockets hold CD (does not come with the CD)
  • binder has 1 1/4" D-rings with dual locking mechanisms
  • customized Pocket/Desk embossing seal and pouch for storage
  • 20 customized certificates and stub sheets that will reflect the company name
  • state, year of formation, signature lines and stock class info(if needed)
  • high-quality, watermarked certificates
  • standard with Copy-Blocker technology for added security
  • printed minutes
  • 6/7 position index tabs
  • stock transfer/membership ledger