Client Tradeline Agreement

This AGREEMENT is intended to be a binding contract by and between New Corporate Xpress (hereinafter “NCX”) and the undersigned client (hereinafter “Client”). By checking the box to this agreement, Client certifies that he/she is at least 18 years of age, that the information he/she has provided to NCX is true and complete, that he/she is legally authorized to enter into this agreement and authorize the actions of NCX as set forth herein.


NCX agrees to add one or more tradelines on behalf of Client and perform all functions for Client to be added to tradeline(s) as an “Authorized User” before the statement/closing date following the date of this agreement. The client will maintain “Authorized User” status on tradeline(s) for one (1) to two (2) billing/posting cycles, after which the Client will be removed as an authorized user.

After the Client’s lease has expired, the account will remain on the Client’s credit report. It will change to a terminated authorized user status or closed account. The account remains on the Client’s file indefinitely thus making the Client’s credit report more solid.

Clients will only be added to tradelines with the full advanced knowledge, consent, and participation of the primary account holder of the tradeline.  NCX shall coordinate with NCX Credit Angels to ensure the authorized user is added to the tradeline within two (2) business days, excluding weekends and bank holidays.  NCX Credit Angels shall maintain low balances of 15% and keep the accounts in good standing with on-time payments.


NCX agrees to add one or more tradelines on behalf of Client and perform all functions for Client to be added to tradeline(s) as a “Primary Account Holder” before the statement/closing date following the date of this agreement Rental Tradelines.


Client agrees to pay the cost of tradeline(s) specified above. This fee is to be paid in full before the commencement of any work or delivery of any services by NCX. Our tradeline package clients can pay a down payment and set up a payment schedule. We do have a payment plan exclusively for tradelines packages.

ONCE payment is submitted, Client will receive posting instructions and a screenshot of Client’s name added within 48 to 78 hours or less.


If you have placed a Fraud Alert on your credit report, it must be removed by calling the credit bureaus before adding tradelines. If Fraud Alert is not removed, the tradeline/s might not report. A refund will not be provided in this case.

If the Client’s tradeline(s) doesn’t report on at least one (1) out of three (3) of the major credit bureau’s credit reports within seven days of the statement date after sixty (60) days, the Client will need to email the most recent credit report from all three credit bureaus. Or the Client’s login information to view the credit report online. NCX only accepts Experian, IdentityIQ, TransUnion, and Equifax credit monitoring services, current Credit Reports, and logins. Credit Karma is not allowed as proof as the Client has no control over updating the credit report or performing a soft pull by adding the cardholder’s address to purchase a new credit report.

ONCE proof is submitted, and there is no clerical error (misspelling, incorrect data) on the Client’s behalf, NCX shall refund the Client’s fees within seven (7) days of the date it receives proof of the non-reporting tradeline(s).

NCX shall not be obligated to issue a refund or replace tradeline(s) if the proof is submitted after sixty (60) days of the tradeline(s) statement date in strict compliance herewith.

It is agreed that this document sets forth the agreement and understanding of the parties, and supersedes any verbal or written agreements made before or concurrent with this agreement.  It is agreed that no modifications of this agreement shall be binding on either party unless reduced to writing and signed by both parties.

By checking next to the box on the tradeline order form, Clients acknowledge and agree to the terms of this contract.