Business Fundable Accelerator

Before applying for business credit, loan, line of credit, etc., a business must ensure it meets or exceeds all creditor's legitimacy standards.

They'll check your business for credibility first and foremost. Their perception of your business could make or break you.

✘ Mismatched or incomplete records are one of the most common reasons a fundable deal is declined.

✔ Your business details must be compliant to get approvals.

Check Before The Lender Do

Sign up for this Business Fundable Accelerator and check before the lender does and get assistance with any missing or update items to get your business approved.

Business Registration
Get an accurate, up-to-date view of your entity details, including the other states they’re registered and their statuses.
People Matching
Verify each person associated with each business, including the identity of: Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs).
True Industry
Identify entities operating in "prohibited" industries with a set of classifications.
EIN Match
Verify that the EIN (Employee Identification Number) is valid and matches the name with the IRS.
Watchlists Screening
Check business names and people against government sanctions watchlists, including OFAC.
Get insights into your business to find any judgments and active litigations — including case ID, jurisdiction, case type, and more.

BONUS: Stage 2: Establish Business Credit

We show you how to create, establish or verify a Strong Business Credit profile with
the four major business credit bureaus.

By the end of the Business Fundable Accelerator, you will have a business credit profile with
a strong foundation and consistent business details... ready for business credit and funding.

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Sign up for our Business Fundable Accelerator for better business funding approval.

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Get complete, up-to-date information on 100% of how the lender sees your business.

The Business Fundable Accelerator undergoes a 12-point corporate compliance review to ensure your business exceeds all lender credibility standards to qualify for maximum funding.
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