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Improve Your Credit Scores In Weeks...Using Our Affordable Tradelines!

Our exclusive tradelines are the ultimate solution to boosting your credit scores! We offer primary and authorized user tradelines. We will add you as an Authorized User (AU) to credit cards, also known as tradelines, with perfect credit history, high limit, and low balance for 30 - 60 days.

As an Authorized User, you will not be able to use the card, nor will you be responsible for making payments on the balance.  The history of the cards is inherited onto your credit history, and a new credit score is calculated. Tradelines are kept with a utilization of 20% or less to maximize potential boost.

Primary tradelines are accounts that you own. A primary tradeline is a credit account that is opened in your name, in which the creditor extends credit to you as the borrower.

Tradeline List

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Credit Card Age Credit Limit Spots Statement Date Price
DSNB/MACY 2018$1,200 1 10th$250
CAPITAL ONE 2018$2,400 2 10th$265
CITI 2017$7,3003 10th $350
TD 2021$6,000 5 10th $250
WELLS FARGO 2011$15,500 2 11th $475
CAPITAL ONE 2020$3,000 3 12th $255
CHASE 2017$5,600 2 13th $350
CITI 2017$3,000 3 14th $325
FNBO 2021$12,500 3 14th $280
CITI 2021$6,700 10 14th $225
CITI 2015$10,000 9 14th $475
CAPITAL ONE 2015$500 115th $255
CITI2019$8,400615th $325
CITI2017$20,000215th $400
CITI2020$3,500215th $250
CITI2013$10,300215th $550
CAPITAL ONE2019$10,000315th $350
CAPITAL ONE2015$500215th $255
CAPITAL ONE2020$10,000316th$335
WELLS FARGO2019$7,000216th$325
CAPITAL ONE2012$5,200317th$550
CAPITAL ONE2016$2,200217th$350
WELLS FARGO2016$6,200917th$375


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