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New Corporate Xpress
is a national business
credit builder and financier.

At New Corporate Xpress, we are passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their business dreams. We provide business credit education and funding to help businesses get started and grow.

Coming Soon – Our Complete White Label Business Client Portal will be the perfect tool for business credit professionals who need a platform to keep their customers engaged, streamline business processes, and manage their organization using automation. With our help, entrepreneurs can achieve success with minimal hassle and maximum efficiency.


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We’ve been in the business for over 10 years and have expanded across various industries with qualified capital. We’re seasoned and ready to help you grow your business faster than ever before with our exclusive, turnkey credit & finance systems. We have assisted over 1,000+ business owners on their journey to success, and now we’re here to help you.

We want you to be able to have the funds you need to buy the things that you need to become successful. We work with a variety of local lending banks and global financing sources to offer financing options for businesses. Our vast experience and knowledge can turn around your business in the right direction.

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A partnership with the New Corporate Express is a great way to have your company grow. Our system is specifically designed to help you build business credit and increase cash flow to meet necessary expenses. We provide step-by-step guidance through the process of building business credit and generating additional funding for your business.

Before we began to assist with your business credit, we help you become lender compliant. We also assist with placing your business on the first page of Google to make your company visible.

New Corporate Xpress has been able to help businesses increase profits by over 20% through best-practices, methodologies, and strategies. With our solutions and strategies, your business is sure to see a dramatic improvement. Our team works with you on a plan that will develop your company’s credit as well as your funding options. We free up more cash flow and help you grow faster than you ever thought possible.

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We know that building business credit takes time, but with the right help, it doesn’t have to take a lot of energy. A great financing partner can accelerate your business’ growth by qualifying you and presenting you to top tier banks and lenders. Let our team of experts move your business credit from good to great and increase your business credibility by getting the financing you deserve.


Build business credit
that lenders respect.

We help businesses maximize profit while building their credit and funding opportunities. Our program is proven to build several types of business credit scores. Our powerful system also provides the ultimate solution in identifying and eliminating debt while building & maintaining your company’s growth.