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No matter how hard you work to build your credit, if your goal is for approvals for large amounts of credit, you may feel frustrated. Similarly, you will need high limit credit cards for approved for high limit business credit cards. Yes, the space between low and high limits can be frustrating, but thankfully, several credit unions support customers with higher credit limits financial products. Surprisingly, some of them do this without requiring a large deposit in a savings account.

If you are successful with a high credit limit from your new credit union, it is no doubt that you will benefit from higher rewards not just when it comes to shopping but in other aspects too. Benefiting from a higher credit limit can be as easy as joining the right kind of credit union. This article highlights four credit unions with high-limited approval rates that could help you get approved for the highest credit card limits possible.

Why Credit Unions?

A credit union is a financial institution that predominantly serves those who share a common bond, such as employees of a company or a collaborative group. Credit unions are cooperatives owned by their members. These people can take out loans from the credit union, deposit their money into savings accounts or certificates, and use other services provided by credit unions. Credit unions differ from banks in that they do not pay dividends to shareholders and have only one owner – the members. By joining a credit union, you own a share in the financial institution and thus have voting rights.

Credit unions are a safe and secure way for you to bank and save. Credit unions are open more exclusive than traditional banks; however, membership eligibility is dependent on where you live or work. Most credit unions offer free checking accounts,  better rates on mortgages and personal loans,  lower fees,  low-priced credit cards, member benefits such as cashback rewards on spending and ATM fee reimbursements at no cost, online banking features such as bill pay, fraud protection services and 24/7 live customer service.

It is worth nothing, you may not have the credit score or criteria to be approved for these high limit credit cards, but you can still join and aspire to have one of your own someday.

Understanding the requirements for joining a credit union is not something that is widely known. Following are the essential criteria/documents required to join a credit union:

  • You need to be 18 years of age or
  • Social Security Number / Individual Taxpayer Identification
  • Government Issued Identification (upload a copy of your US Driver’s License, DMV Non-Driver’s ID, or Passport).

Four Credit Unions with high limit approval rates

1. NIH Federal Credit Union

The National Institutes of Health Federal Credit Union has a Visa Platinum offers a great cash rewards program, something you might expect from a credit union. NIHFCU offers Visa® Platinum Card, Signature Cash Rewards, and Signature Cash Rewards have credit limits up to $25,000 (depending on creditworthiness).

The NIH FCU Visa® Platinum Secured Card is a great option to build credit for members looking to jump-start their re-established credit. They also have a Visa® Platinum Secured Card for those who are new to credit entirely or have challenged credit you would like to rebuild. Credit limits from $250-$25,000 (based on pledged amount)

How can you join?

Visit the American Consumer Council (ACC) at and qualify by accepting a lifetime cost of membership for $15.00.

NIHFCU will share your necessary details like name, address, email address, and phone number with the ACC to complete your no-cost ACC membership. Visit to join now!

2. Justice Federal Credit Union

Justice Federal Credit Union offers “Justice Line of Credit” with competitive interest rates and terms. These personal loans are offered in convenient installments, so you can pay from $200-$40,000 back in monthly payments over a period that fits your budget. You can use this loan to pay off credit card balances, consolidate other high-interest debt, or for several different purposes.

If you are looking to repair, build, or establish your credit, Justice Federal Credit Union can help by their credit builder loan. Its features are as follows:

  • The maximum term of 12 months
  • The maximum loan amount $2,500
  • All loan proceeds will are in your Share Account
  • The account will be collateral until the loan you pay off the loan.
How can you join?

A $5 minimum deposit is required to establish membership, a Share Savings account or Young Savers account, and join an Association like National Sheriffs’ Association for a $21 membership fee.

Visit to know more about the Justice Federal Credit Union.

3. SkyOne Federal Credit Union

SkyOne Federal Credit Union, one of Massachusetts’s largest credit unions, announced it would begin offering new Tungsten metal Platinum Elite Visa® Signature Cards with credit limits up to $50,000.

With signature loans from SkyOne Federal Credit Union, you can get the money you need to make a big purchase, consolidate debt, or handle any other pressing situation that may arise. These are great for building credit. The Personal loan rates are as low as 9.49% APR, and the credit limit is between $500 – $50,000.

How can you join?


You need a $5 deposit for your Savings Account, and then SkyOne FCU will make a one-time donation to the American Consumer Council.

Visit to know more about the SkyOne Federal Credit Union. Anyone can apply up to $50,000 credit.

4. First Tech Federal Credit Union

First Tech offers the First Tech Odyssey Rewards™ World Elite MasterCard® with credit limits from $25,000 to $100,000. They cater to high-income members and require proof of income. They have premium rewards for travel and dining, not to forget global concierge services. They also have a smartphone app for any time, anywhere access.

First Tech also offers Platinum Secured MasterCard® up to $25,000; you cannot have any new accounts for up to 6 to 8 months. You can earn rewards for every dollar you spend on your everyday purchases, and there is no maximum limit. The best part is that your points will never expire.

How can you join?

You can register on and upload your documents to become a member.

Visit to learn more about the First Tech Federal Credit Union and what they offer.

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